About KDShives.com:

This is a portfolio site of the academic and professional writing content of Katherine D. Shives. Katherine is passionate about increasing public awareness and interest in current science topics, especially those relating to microbiology. She believe this field to be of universal human interest because every single person alive has dealt with disease in some form and that we can all benefit from continued understanding and awareness about the microbial world that we occupy; especially in an era of ever-emerging new diseases and increasing rates of antibiotic resistance.

In addition to the microbiology topics on this site, you will find re-posts of Katherine’s work with Gradhacker.org, a part of Inside Higher Ed. These articles are geared for the graduate student audience and the specific issues that they face during the graduate education process.

KDShives.com is also a member of the Bullish Blog Network, a part of Getbullish.com and her Bullish articles appear on this site.

Contact Information for K.D. Shives:

E-mail: microbematters@gmail.com

Twitter: @KDShives

LinkedIn: Katherine D. Shives

About Katherine D. Shives:

Currently a Microbiology PhD candidate at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado; her prior education includes a B.S. in Biotechnology from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Between her undergraduate and graduate studies she worked as a research assistant in Otolaryngology at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.

When not pondering the microbial world she enjoys time spent with her husband and pet Akitas, crocheting, and gardening in Denver, Colorado.

Disclaimer: Please remember that no information provided on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Katherine is not a licensed medical provider in any way. If you believe that you are ill, please go see medical professional for appropriate medical treatment.

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