Cancer Research

My friend Andy is about to do something really incredible: hike all 3100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail to raise money for Cancer Research. Go check out his site and donate to the cause!

andrew frei

Thank you to those who have donated to my cause so far. You have helped me raise over $1,200 for cancer research at Fred Hutch. My goal of a dollar a mile is in sight, and I hope that I will be able to raise much more.

My mom is currently doing well. I was nervous when planning my hike that I would be away and out of reach if her health took a bad turn, but I am now reasonably confident that I will be able to be able to spend a few more holidays with her. She is handling the chemo well and has been able to stay on each treatment for longer than average. Our hope is that, on the day that she can no longer tolerate chemotherapy, a new treatment trial will be ready for her.


I’ll be passing out business cards on the trail to…

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