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Ask a Microbiologist #3: What’s in the almond milk?

Today’s installment of Ask a Microbiologist comes from a reader wondering what might be in that old almond milk in the fridge:

English: Raw Almond Milk
Raw Almond Milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I found an open container of almond milk in my fridge the other day and it was OLD – I’m talking it had been opened for at least a month at this point. I know that as soon as it’s opened, the pasteurized almond milk is immediately primed for bacterial breeding. I was just curious as to which pathogenic (entero) bacteria are most likely to colonize at this point; I’m curious because there were zero indications of growth (ie no swelling of the container and no abnormal smells, colors, or textures).”

-Wondering what’s in there

Well WWIT, I’m glad you asked this, as I was starting to wonder about my soy milk as well.

This is a very open ended question and three main ways to inoculate your drink that could potentially lead to different contaminating microbes, some of which could be pathogenic. Continue reading Ask a Microbiologist #3: What’s in the almond milk?